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Abolishing Gender Norms

The abolition of gender norms is the most important component in the effort of dismantling societal foundations and replacing individual rights with group and special-class rights.

Only when our society is dismantled can it be rebuilt on according to Progressive ideals. Journalists have an obligation to write and speak glowingly and passionately about the plight of members of the LGBT community. The primary goal is to make these seeming societal aberrations the new normal and, therefore, discrimination and the lack of special rights an abomination.

The US was built upon now-outdated, cicgender ideals that hold society together firmly in ways that are antithetical to Progressive ideology. Therefore, a journalist's effort to help abolish gender norms is among the most important obligations in our profession. Besides, the family unit is the biggest obstacle to big government and the redefinition of gender norms works quite well to destroy these outdated family units.

Another Vital Practice Employed By:

The New York Slimes
The Clinton News Network
The Boston Global Embarrassment
The Nitwit Broadcasting Company
Huffing and Puffington Post
The Washgington Compost