This website is a satire of the current state of journalism and education in the USA. Every word of it is true, just anonymized. Any resemblance of the fictitious characters here to persons living or dead is unintentional on my part, but highly likely because this is what modern “journalism” is all about.

Journalism is Dead

Long the protector of the people against The State and, therefore, Constitutionally singled out for an expressed freedom, the free press has transformed into an institution that works against the people and for a specific, immoral ideology. Journalists are no longer journalists, but activists in service to a leftist corruption of our exceptional culture and once-great nation. Nearly all journalists and educators are at war with traditional American values and moral standards.

Rather than chronical events, present the facts, and allow curiosity to lead them to find important stories, Journalists curate the narrative, hide facts, hide blame, ignore transgressions against liberty, and work to protect waxing federal power and a legal corruption of our society.

The "free press" is now the avowed enemy of the hundreds of millions of citizens of the United States of America. As thralls and lapdogs of The State, and champions of tyranny, the Professional Left in journalism is coining our liberty into favor from the Progressive tyrants in government who seek to rule over us instead of serving us as our Constitution requires.

Who Made This?

I'm a design professional and an informed and concerned American citizen. I'm disappointed and upset by the immoral and unjust course our nation has taken over the past 50 years.

In that time, the vital institutions whose moral obligation and Constitutional mandate is to defend individual liberty have chosen to reverse course and now openly conspire to attack liberty and impose or facilitate tyranny upon American citizens. Our founders would be appalled and ashamed of us.

I created this site to display plainly what the vast majority of educators and members of the "free press" seldom say, but articulate fully in their every choice and action. The qualities and ideals portrayed by the content on this website accurately depict who journalists are today.