fomenting racial tension

Fomenting Racial Tension

Racial animosities are a vital part of how the Progressive moment gets things done. Journalists must anticipate and seize upon opportunities to throw more fuel on that fire.

There are many ways to foment and exacerbate racial tensions. If you point a camera at someone they will perform for you. If all participants in a story are of the same ethnicity, ask why; as though it's important to the story. A good journalist knows to use "white" and "male" generously and effectively in writing and speaking.

Mostly, where no apparent racial component to a story exists, a skilled journalist can deftly inject one. Study this well.

Another Vital Practice Employed By:

The New York Slimes
The Clinton News Network
The Boston Global Embarrassment
The Nitwit Broadcasting Company
Huffing and Puffington Post
The Washgington Compost