Free Speech is Dangerous and Best Left to the Professionals

By Carly Jennings-Walther - Class of 2018
April 16, 2016

One cannot simply say what one wants, in any way one wants, to whomever one wants. Doing so could be a violation of someone's human rights or possibly even a rape of someone's safe space.

Feelings matter. In fact, they matter more than most things. Speech can hurt or even damage people and important ideas. No one has a right to damage someone or to damage an important idea. Especially if someone else really cares about that idea.

Journalists are experts at speech and have been thoroughly taught how to employ written and spoken speech. It is they who should best be entrusted with the right of free speech. The fact that journalists are members of the “free press” further supports this idea.

The idea that just anyone can be free to say anything they wish is rather stupid when you think about it. Ordinary citizens have no standards to which they must adhere, no rules that govern their endeavors…except for laws. And laws should be employed to restrict what ordinary citizens can say or express.

Leaving free speech to the professionals is the best way to ensure that free speech is used the proper way and for the most good.

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