People Who Don't Believe in Climate Change Must Be Made to Care

By Molly Meyers-Colson - Class of 2018
March 29, 2016

Our world is dying.

Wait, no. It's not just dying. We're killing it. We humans are a scourge upon the land and we're acting like a virus or a parasitic pest on this world that we don't own. We're making it sick and killing it.

Not everyone realizes this fact. Not everyone understands their part in the murder of an entire planet. These people willfully choose to ignore the mountain of scientific consensus that proves that they're killing our planet. They cannot just be free to disbelieve such an important fact.

People who refuse to believe in climate change must be made to care. People don't have the right to just believe whatever they want when science proves them wrong. And if they do have that right at this time, they shouldn't.

Why do we even have a government if it's not going to punish these people? THEY'RE KILLING THE PLANET with their ignorance and obstinance. They should not be allowed to do that.

Our country will never achieve the Progressive utopia we strive for and should achieve until people like these climate deniers are made to care or made to pay for their treason against the planet. As future journalists we should all see to this important effort and help make people care. Or pay.

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