Private Property is Inherently Unfair

By Drake Caldwell - Class of 2019
April 8, 2016

"You didn't build that" is one of the most profound ideas and facts ever presented. Everything someone builds or owns is the result of thousands or even millions of peoples' effort. Those people built and own those things as much as the supposed owner does.

Private property is antithetical to community; the idea that we are all in this together, helping and sharing with one another. A nation that lets people have exclusive right, use, and ownership of something is a horrible, selfish, and possibly even evil world. It's not one that I want to build a life in.

When immigrants come to our country, they often don't have much. They own no property and have little chance of getting any since everyone else already owns it. That's totally unfair!

I think that journalists should point these facts out in their work. They should point out the problems and unfairness inherent to allowing someone to own something, preventing others from use and enjoyment of it. We're the rightful arbiters of truth and we should tell the truth when it comes to property.

Our country would be a much nicer, fairer, and benevolent place if we traded private property for communal property. Just think of how that could change our society!

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