demagoguing rights

Redefining Citizenship

One of the easiest and fastest way to realize our Progressive goals is to import hordes of eager and controllable new voters. Journalists need only exploit Americans' great ignorance of immigration laws to achieve this goal.

A nation with responsible immigration laws and patriotic and assimilated culture is a tough nut to crack. Therefore journalists must work with Progressive leaders to demagogue ideas like borders, language, and culture so that the people begin to question the need for such a closed and exclusive society. Ultimately, the people need to warm to the idea that anyone, with any values and allegiance, who wants to be in our country is "a citizen," just like them.

Another Vital Practice Employed By:

The New York Slimes
The Clinton News Network
The Boston Global Embarrassment
The Nitwit Broadcasting Company
Huffing and Puffington Post
The Washgington Compost