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Replacing Merit with Diversity

Merit is a highly discriminative basis for any form of advancement or advocacy. As such it must be destroyed in favor of a more equitable and diverse, level playing field.

Diversity is the new progressive standard of excellence and journalism students must learn this in order to be effective partners with our progressive institutions and efforts. As our progressive leaders point out, minorities don't necessarily have the intelligence or willpower to succeed and advance, so important opportunities will continue to elude them unless merit is replace by a mandate for diversity.

This effort is also an important atonement for Democrats, given the party's 100% advocacy and participation in owning slaves. It's galling to Democrats that the Republican party was created specifically to abolish slavery. Journalists must partner with Democrats and Progressives to ensure a diversity-based solution to past transgressions.

Another Vital Practice Employed By:

The New York Slimes
The Clinton News Network
The Boston Global Embarrassment
The Nitwit Broadcasting Company
Huffing and Puffington Post
The Washgington Compost