We Must Stop Tea Baggers' Effort to Imprison Hillary

By George Martin - Class of 2017
April 2, 2016

Teabaggers be gettin on my nerves!

Hillary is the smartest lady on the planet. If she and Barack Obama got together, they'd probably cure cancer or whatever. I kid you not!

But no! Teabaggers got to put her in prison for something that's not even her fault! She was the Secretary of State, for goodness sake. You KNOW she wouldn't have done anything wrong on purpose. Anyone who wants to imprison a good, smart woman for some silly mistake that isn't even really wong is too stupid for words.

If they can put Hillary in prison, they'll put everyone they don't like in prison. And they'll start with the African Americans, then the Latinos, then the Muslims…and then who will be left to stop white people from making Nazis all over again!?

We're journalists! At least we're going to be journalists and if we have any responsibility we have a responsibility to protect our good Progressive leaders from the nazi jerks who want to put everyone they disagree with in jail.

If they try to put Hillary in prison, we have to do something. Don't matter if it's riots or fires or whatever, we have to do it. This stuff has to stop here!

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